Flower Embroidery Model You Should Try

Jacobean embroideryThe embroidery is actually a very old handicraft. With a very elegant image, it came up to daylight. Floral motifs are preferred among the models made with pulleys. I think this is the biggest reason; women are interested in the flowers. For this reason, many models of pulley flower making can be found. When making a flower with a pulley, the fabric to which the model is to be made first is placed in the tensioner in the box. It is imperative that the fabric is stretched so that the model can show itself. Then a sample of flower is placed. Model extraction starts with the help of a needle. The model slowly emerges as the needle sinks. This completes the model. The fabric is removed from the hoop. Thus, the desired pattern is removed from the fabric. In this way, quite elegant floral models are created.

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