Ten Genius Things You Can Do With A Glue Gun - 7. Create A Mold In Seconds Do you like to use polymer clay or maybe you do cake decorating. Did you know you can make molds for only pennies instead of expensive molding material. Squirt out a large dolop of hot glue and then push what ever it is that you want to mold into it. Wait for it to harden and you have your mold. It works best with smaller object because the glue cools quickly.Glue gun can be used on wood, metal, plastic (pvc etc.) materials. In order to insulate the electrical circuits of some appliances or to protect the small glass fuses.
It is used in many  house supplies and work places such as fabric, leather, synthetic materials, cardboard, loose fixing, cable fixing, frame fixing, gift and ornament making, model making and toy making,
In fact, what you can do with this tool is limited to your imagination. You can use the top glass to fix the glass of a sephyopter, or you can fit it in the lentil size to cut the sound of the cabinet door. It is non-slippery, sticky, free from scars, and odorless. Do what you have in mind …


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