How To Change The Color Of The Yarn While Knitting

Crochet: how to change color quickly with no tailsWhen you want to knit with different colored yarns, we are experiencing difficulty in passing to another while we are at the end of a string. The image is distorted even if the back surface of the knot is knotted. In order to avoid these nodes, we can change the color in different ways. The new rope can be knotted without knot while weaving. You can also apply this method when the string end. It’s easy to come in. When you are knitting, you can now judge wools. You will need to change color frequently for this and if you knot each time you will learn how to change the color so that there will be a distorted image on the surface of the knitted fabric and the knit will look smooth on both sides so that there are no knots.


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