I used 1/2 inch PVC Electrical Conduit. I cut it all up into 3 inch pieces with a chop saw and glued them all together. Then I built a box out of foam core board just to have a back for markers to hit so they didnt go all the way through. I used foam core cause it was cheap and easy for me to work with and the marker storage just sits right beside my table on a shelf at arms reach. I was going to use copper pipe but it was more expensive, but with the walls of the copper pipe bieng thiner than pvc pipe it would take up less space. The one that I made holds 200+ and sits aprox 12 inches high 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

You have many markers you need to organize them in one place ? So here is your solution ; a marker holder. While there are various alternatives you can purchase from markets, you can also craft your own marker holder. This product is made with pvc electrical conduits and a foam core.

The crafting procedure for this product is as the following : You cut the electrical conduit up into small pieces and glue them together. You can also use a foam core to create a box for glued pieces. At the end fo the procedure, you will have a useful marker holder.

Full size is 640X480 (Link to full-size image) pixels.
Source: splitcoaststampers.com

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