Reclaimed wood transforms a blue barrel (or ugly plastic pot) into a beautiful planter. @ its-a-green-life

How to Make Big Planter With Plastic Barrel?

1.The plastic barrel is cut at the desired height with a jigsaw.
2.Drill holes in the barrel for drilling the bottom of the barrel
3.Wooden chocks are bolted to the bottom of the barrel. So the barrel is raised a little from the ground. In fact, these wedges can also be fitted with wheels.
4.The old timber required to finish the barge is provided and cut to the length of the barrel. It would be better if the bins were in different colors and tones.
With nail guns in the 5th stage, these boards are ridden.
At the 6th stage, the hood is placed on top of the valance.
At the 7th stage, two large holes are drilled in the bottom of the barrel and their mouths are closed with a mesh. This is done to support small drainage holes.
8. The barrel is filled with pebbles.
At the 9th stage, the soil is added and planted.

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