Toy animals, handmade. Fair Masters - handmade bunny Croche. Handmade.

We continue to diversify the felt toy models we can make using felt fabrics. Using the felt we can make many colorful toys for our children and many decorative accessories. We will consider one of these to make a toy caterpillar at this position, so you can find and apply such accessories and toy models. The felt fabric has been particularly fashionable in recent years.

In the past, the felt fabric curled up by nose shows itself through many self-made projects. We can make our house colorful with our fleece fabric, which is very easy to shape and sewing. We can make colorful toys for our children or we can make them happy by presenting our closeness. We will do for your child today. Very cute, soft, colorful, bright, beautiful be a toy caterpillar from felt.

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