Gathering Foot .... where have I been? I know living in front of my computer since 1997. That was when I stopped sewing!Straight stitch foot – This foot is only used for simple straight stitching. If you try to use it for anything other than this, it is inevitable that the needles break. It is a very useful foot when working with heavy fabrics.
Zig-zag foot – This is a general-purpose press foot used for multipurpose press foot, straight press, zig-zag stitch and many decorative stitches.
Overlap foot – Overlap foot is used to make the fabric edge smooth and smooth edge print. With the machine zipper stitch adjustment, we usually sew the sewing width 2mm and the sewing length 1.5mm.
Knocking foot – This foot is especially used in thin fabrics to bring a smooth and beautiful edge to the square. It is sewn on the machine with a straight stitch or zigzag stitch adjustment.
Zipper foot – Zipper foot allows sewing closest to the zipper teeth. Used to sew standard zippers. No secret zipper seam is made with this foot.

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